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Jupiter and Mercury with Philemon and Baucis
Nicolaes Lauwers
17th century
Achilles and the Daughters of Lycomedes
Nicolaes Ryckmans
c. 1620-1626
Achilles and the Daughters of Lycomedes
Cornelis Visscher
c. 1638-1658
Diana Surprised by Actaeon
Aegidius Sadeler II
16th-17th centuries
St. Teresa Intercedes for Bernadin Mendozy
Schelte Adams Bolswert
17th century
Christ Surrendering the Keys to St. Peter
Pieter de Jode I
17th century
Portrait Study of a Man
Marco Alvise Pitteri
c. 1740
Winter (from "The Seasons")
Jan Pietersz. Saenredam
ca. 1597
Adoration of the Shepherds
Hendrik Goltzius
ca. 1598-1600
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