Giuseppe Capogrossi
Aeneas warned by Mercury
Anonymous (Italian)
late 16th century
The Agony in the Garden or Christ or the Mount of Olives with Peter, James and John
Francesco Bassano II
c. 1585
Blessed Francischus de Sena
Alvise Donato
16th century
Blessed Jacobus Felipus
Alvise Donato
16th century
Castillo di Cennina
Federigo Andreotti
The Chemist
Gaspare Giovanni Traversi
c. 1760's
Composition of Roman Ruins:
The Colosseum
The Arch of Constantine
Pyramid of Cestius (tomb)
Corinthian cols from Temple of Castor/Pollux
the "Dying Gaul" (Galatian)
the Borghese Warrior (Louvre)
Giovanni Paolo Pannini
Cumaean Sibyl
Anonymous (Italian)
early 19th century
Family in adoration of the Virgin
Francesco Montemezzano
no date
Head of a Girl
Federico Barocci
no date
Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Bonifacio Veronese
ca. early to mid-16th c.
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