Edith Dimock Glackens
April 4, 1942
Letter from Anne Morgan [illegible?] to Eugénie Prendergast (Three Sutton Place, New York City)
Anne Morgan
November 11, 1941
Letter from Charles Hovey Pepper to Charles Prendergast (66 Griggs Road, Brookline, Mass.)
Charles Hovey Pepper
March 31, 1940 [postmark]
Letter from Edith Glackens to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prendergast (New York City)
Edith Dimock Glackens
April 7, 1947
Letter from Ira Glackens to Eugénie Prendergast (Labrador Farm/ Center Conway/ New Hampshire)
Ira Glackens
September 30, 1947
Letter from John F. Caskey to Eugénie Prendergast (Hartford, CT)
John F. Caskey
July 19, 1956
Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx to Eugénie Prendergast (Venice, Italy)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Marx
Letter from Robert Oliver to Charles Prendergast (Montreal)
Robert Oliver
September 17, 1946
Letter to Eugénie Prendergast from Berthe Rulle with envelope
Eugénie Prendergast
20th century
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