Album bound in wooden boards containing thirty studies of orchids and bamboo
Mong-lan Ku-shi
20th century
Album of eight pictures
Hua Yen (Hsin-lo Shan-jên)
no date
Album of Six Leaves
Ding Yanyong
Album of ten landscapes
Tu Yüan-li
Ming period (1368-1644)
Album of twelve flower and bird paintings
Jen Wei-ch'ang
19th century
Album of twelve landscapes with calligraphy
After Chou Liang-Kung
19th century
Album of twelve paintings
1.  Two scholars examining a drawing of bamboo leaves
2.  Cherry trees enveloped by mist
3.  A woman on a terrace with bananas bathing her baby boy
4.  A cottage in the hills
5.  A fisherman clad in a blue coat resting in hi
Anonymous (Chinese)
19th century?
Birds and Flowers
Chen Zizhuang
mid-20th Century
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