Apulian Red Figure Oinochoe

Made By: Greek

Made By: South Italian

Date: 375 BC -350 BC
Medium: terracotta
Overall: 6 5/16 in. (16 cm)
circumference: 13 1/8 in. (33.3 cm)
Classification: ANCIENT
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. John W. Field, in memory of her husband
Object number: CG.2
DescriptionA black gloss covers the body of this trefoil oinochoe. A band of tongues wraps around three quarters of the shoulder, spanning the width of the figural scene below. A narrow band, marking the ground line, encircles the lower belly. On the left, a rectangular pillar marks the border of the figural scene that decorates the pot's belly.
Here, we see two male figures who turn towards the center, facing each other. Although the man on the left is draped and the man on the right is nude, they are visually aligned by their scale, pose, and position. The two figures are the same height. Both stand in a contrapposto; the draped figure puts his weight on his left leg and the nude on his right. The figures therefore mirror each other in pose and create a visual chiasmus. Both men stand about stand on either side of a short reserved rectangle, which represents an altar. The altar is aligned vertically with the central curve of the trefoil lip, marking the center of the scene. Because the men face inwards, towards the altar, they function as bookends to the scene and create a balanced, closed composition. The symmetry is disrupted only by the tall rectangle (or altar) at the left, which is visible only when the vase is rotated. There is no corresponding altar on the right.

Inscribed: old label on base: CG 2; remnants of blue and white label on side of vessel
  • female nude
  • standing figure
  • cup
  • pipe
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