Black-figure Oinochoë

Artist: attributed to the Class of Vatican G.47 (Attic, active ca. 520-475 BCE)

Culture: Attic, Greek
Date: 500-475 BCE
Overall: 9 5/16 in. (23.7 cm)
circumference: 17 13/16 in. (45.2 cm)
Classification: ANCIENT
Credit Line: Gift of Miss Anna M. Stetson
Object number: 19.1.2
DescriptionA man and woman (female gender is indicated by white slip) drive a four-horse chariot. Facing the same direction as the pair in the chariot is a goddess (white slip), perhaps Artemis. Artemis (?) holds torches (?) in her upraised hands. Dionysos, holding a drinking horn and wearing an ivy wreath on his head faces Artemis. Standing at the horses' heads is a male figure, whose head is obscured by the animals. This figure is marked as the god Hermes by his winged boots. The iconography of this vase may represent a nuptial scene. A double row of ivy circles the neck. The upper edge of this figural scene is bordered by a row of tongues. Lateral bands of dots frame the scene. Two then red lines circle the base.

Broken and repaired on base and lip; restoration on lip.
Inscribed: label on base:CG 42: label on base: Stetson
  • female figures
  • standing figure
  • male figures
  • horses
  • pattern
  • staff
  • quadriga
  • chariot
  • Hermes
  • torches
  • Dionysos
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Exhibitions:Object Lab Fall 2019