Works of "Object Lab Fall 2021"

Works of "Object Lab Fall 2021"
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Hombre Fumando
Diego Rivera
Human Head Emerging from Monster Jaws
Late Classic, 600-900 CE
Ikorodo Mask
Igbo Cultural Group
ca. 1920-1950
Ile Ori (House of the Head)
Yoruba Cultural Group
19th-20th century
Just a Dream (In America)
Vincent Valdez
Karikpo Mask (antelope)
Ogoni Cultural Group
20th century
Louis Kahn, Salk Institute (from "Modern Architecture: Photographs by Ezra Stoller, Palm Press, Inc.")
Ezra Stoller
negative 1977; published 2003
Magnolia Grandiflora
John La Farge
c. 1864
Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson
Mwaash Ambooy Mask
Kuba Cultural Group
before 1920 (?)
Okoroshi Mask
Igbo Cultural Group
20th Century